Week 24 Master Key The Observer

Like the bee pollenating the flower, we are all being called to what we were intended to “Be”. Doing can provide many distractions and give us false directives.  If doing isn’t in our heart as an expression of who we are, then the doing is false and artificial.  What we really are will always win out for better or for worse.  Therefore, “Being” comes first and foremost.  Being comes first and then doing will take care of itself.  It will be automatic.  No need to think about what to do.  If you or I are constantly struggling with what to do, then we aren’t living from True Being.  We are living from a mass of conflicting desires and emotions, and how can that ever be real.

The answer?  To become the Observer.  To observe instead of negatively emotionalize.  As if you were sitting in a chair watching a parade go by.  You can literally stand apart from your thoughts and feelings.  Not judging them as good or bad.  Just observing them as you would the parade.  You don’t want anything from the parade, you just watch and learn.  This is true freedom, true liberty from the world because you no longer live from that part of the mind that is wrongly attached to it.  We are our only world.  We only experience what we are.  We don’t experience the world our there.  We experience the world through our own misunderstanding of it.  No wonder we get scared and frustrated.  When we change, the world changes for us.  Become the “Observer”.

There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to Truth; not going all the way, and not starting.

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Week 23 Master Key Silence

It is quite a revelation to find out that our minds are simply a collection of conditioned ideas, beliefs and automatic responses.  That we really don’t have any freedom of thought.  We are very much like programmed computers.  Events and people push the same buttons and we respond with the same thoughts and reactions, all the while thinking we are spontaneously giving back true inspiration, never noticing the mental prison that we’re in.  Human beings spend their whole lives in this conundrum never knowing the wonders that await them.  Haanel’s Master Key System 23:9 is incredibly accurate on a social level, I will quote it here:

The average person is entirely innocent of any deep thinking; he accepts the ideas of others, and repeats them, in very much the same way as a parrot; this is readily seen when we understand the method which is used to form public opinion, and this docile attitude on the part of a large majority who seem perfectly willing to let a few persons do all their thinking for them is what enables a few men in a great many countries to usurp all the avenues of power and hold the millions in subjection.  Creative thinking requires attention.

The problem with people is that the more a person is influenced, the more he will deny that he is.  Only uncomfortable changes are going to break the patterns.  First we have to admit that we are trapped by mechanical thought.  Only then can we do something about it.  The silence exercise is wonderful.  Its like putting a big spotlight on our minds.  Mechanical thought is like spiritual sleep.  Its so repetitious that we don’t even know we’re doing it.  Silence forces us to look at the mind differently and allow a Higher Inspiration to come in.  We can be in silence all day long even when we are in practical thought.  We can let the silence be the Observer.

Silence is a source of great strength.


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Week 22A Master Key Focus

Starting to get creative with my combinations.  I used to avoid long lines whenever I could.  So now if I’m standing in a long line for whatever reason, I don’t look at it as a waste of time anymore.  I look at it as an opportunity to study and reflect.  Always have my GS in my bag along with my index cards.  Been working out well.  Always finding creative ways of keeping the work inside going, hammering away at the subby.  Also talking to people about my business.  There should be no wasted time now with all the exercises.  The whole day can be productive.  The shapes, colors, recording, index cards, GS, Master Key readings, DMP, poses and so many other tips and tricks to move out of the fog and into the sunshine of being more productive and focused.  No more going through a day of conflicting thoughts and emotions.  Seeing 10 paths and not being able to take one of them because the mind is frozen.  Being able to move and accomplish because you’re focused and not scattered.

You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.


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Week 22 Master Key Joseph Campbell Interview

The Bill Moyers Joseph Campbell interview was very insightful.  The force of a higher power is sprinkled throughout history in the form of different teachers, authors and mythology.  That common thread of Truth runs through all of them.  This same Understanding said in thousands of different ways through different people and stories confirms a higher level of consciousness available to anyone who dares to go beyond the learned, conditioned mind, ego if you will, from the known to the unknown.  The known has its numerous limitations of fear, anger, hurt feelings, guilt, unworthiness, loneliness and prejudices.  All contributing to the illusion of an individual ego, individual self that believes its separate from all of Life.  This separate self is the cause of every human problem and difficulty.  Only going beyond this level inwardly can we transcend these limitations.  We have to enter the unknown, where these limitations don’t exist.  Becoming free of these limitations is what we truly are.  We have wrongly taken our limitations as who we are and fearfully cling to this false sense of identity.

We could speak for hours on methods for breaking out.  But lets take one exercise for now. Proceed while being afraid.  Don’t try to be unafraid, just proceed while being afraid.  This automatically begins to weaken its hold.  Take small things first.  Maybe you’re afraid of speaking up when around certain people, just go ahead and do it anyway.  You can prove to yourself that fears are not your real Self.  That they can be understood and ended.  If we obey our fears it strengthens the false identity of who I think I am.  Smash it.  Refuse to believe in it.  Fear is the known, walking away from fear is the unknown.  Walk away.

Without self knowledge, without understanding the working and functions of his machine, man cannot be free, he cannot govern himself and he will always remain a slave.

G. I. Gurdjieff

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Week 21 Master Key

All of the comments in the Tools for Expansion Alliance section have been great reading.  Masterminding how we can use all of these emotions, fear, guilt, hurt feelings, unworthiness and anger to expand our comfort zone has been so helpful.  Its always good to get such diverse analysis of anything you’re trying to understand better.  Someone else’s view may have never occurred to you before and you can set your mind in motion looking at things from a totally different viewpoint.  Our minds work so much like a computer, always responding the way its programed to.  A mastermind is like giving the mind new programing.  A mastermind itself is such a great tool.  I think I’m hooked on the process.  Its like putting the pieces of a puzzle together.  At first it looks like total confusion, but then in time it starts to take shape.  Thanks to Mark, Davene and staff and all the Master Key members for their work.  Any success I have is going to be attributed to this MKMMA.

Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.

Napoleon Hill

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Week 20 Master Key Tools for Expansion

How can we use fear, hurt feelings, anger, guilt and feelings of unworthiness to expand our comfort zone?  A challenging question.  Let’s try to tackle it.  Author Vernon Howard made an earth shattering statement, from my point of view, when he said “all suffering ends when we no longer value it”.  That we actually keep these emotions in place because they satisfy a false sense of identity that we value.  And since its the only life we’ve ever known, we wrongly believe that its the only life we can ever have.  Sounds shocking!  Now I’m certain that there’s someone out there that will disagree with this premise.  However, we can experiment with this ourselves and see if there isn’t some truth to it.  The next time I feel any of these emotions, and let’s take anger for example.  When that anger arises, instead of focusing all the attention on the outer object of my anger, for example, another person, turn the attention inward and just try to drop the feeling altogether.  This is going to give you a jolt.  But try it anyway, what have you got to lose?  In trying this, I’ve noticed in myself, that there is a strange kind of pleasure in this hot, fiery feeling.  It’s painful and pleasurable at the same time.  And I didn’t want to stop it.  I wanted to keep it going.  Once something’s in motion its wants to stay in motion.  It’s familiar, it’s a habit.  It keeps me feeling like “me”.  “My old friend anger is back.  Thank God, at least I’m somebody.”  Well, I don’t think my anger is helping the world, and it’s certainly not helping myself.  So let’s see if we can fall out of love with it.  By just being aware of it, instead of embracing it, we can begin to break it’s hold on us.  As all negative emotions lose their hold to a degree, our comfort zones automatically expand.  For the negative emotions themselves were the barrier.  It can be done.  Its a seeming contradiction, but we’re going to have to go through some discomfort to be free of our discomfort.

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.


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Week 19 Master Key

We are all connected.  “I Am” is a fascinating documentary.  I didn’t agree with all of its political connections.  But by in large a great look at science related to life and human consciousness.  What we do does in fact effect all of life.  What we project into the world affects the world for better or worse.  We are all contributing.  The guy and the gal in the glass decide what kind of a world this is going to be.  It starts with me.  Not with my wife or husband or kids or friends.  I can only work on what I can affect, which is me.  When I change the world changes.  It has an exponential affect out there.

I was at a lecture, and the speaker was asked, “how do we help starving children on the other side of the world.”  The speaker said something truly profound when he said “change yourself and that is helping those starving children on the other side of the world.”  Its not really an answer that the mind can grasp through its own conditioning.  But it is an answer that is above the mind.  Seeing it proven scientifically is truly fascinating.

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